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"How I Quickly And Easily Went From 35% To 77% New Patient Telephone Conversions... And Doubled The Size of My Dental Practice Along The Way"

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Jayne Bandy has made millions extra in her dental practice, with this little secret.

Let me get right to the point. 

This is Jayne Bandy, a former primary school teacher in Australia, who now owns a dental practice. 

Jayne recently discovered a fantastic new way for dentists to make a tremendous amount of extra money in their dental practices. 

In fact, some months... this little “secret” gave her more new patients than her dental practice could even handle.

It’s really brilliant and actually quite surprising no one has thought of this before. It’s just a simple, systematic way of answering the phone, which increases new patient inbound phone call conversion rates up to 77% or more. 

Yes, 77%... or more 

And the nice thing is, literally any dental office can do this same thing, or better. 

You don’t need any special skills or talent. And you don’t need “great” or even “good” team members. Any average team member who wants to do a good job, is quite capable of doing this. 

A Free Special Report has just been released which reveals the exact process Jayne used to make all this extra money in her dental practice. The report is written in plain and simple English, and shows you how to quickly and easily increase new patient phone conversions in your own practice. 

Download this Free Report now and you’ll discover: 

  • The 3 most critical and costly mistakes dental offices are making when answering the phones, and how to easily fix them. And by the way, if your team has ever followed any kind of a script when answering the phones... be forewarned -- Mistake # 2 will make you sick once you realize how much money this has been costing you... 
  • How one dental office increased new patient call conversions from 43% to 86% in just 5 months... and how another increased new patient call conversions from 35% to 61%, in just 8 weeks... 
  • A simple “trick” one dental office used to increase their revenue 120% over the course of one year... without spending one cent on marketing, advertising, or new employees... 
  • A field-tested and proven way of turning those annoying, “How much do you charge for...” phone calls, into a consistent stream of repeat new customer appointments. And... 
  • The 9 most important metrics your office should be measuring, to ensure maximum telephone profitability. You’ll also uncover the devastating financial impact of ignoring even one of them. Sadly, 99.9% of all dental offices are losing over $100,000 a year or more in new patient billings, because of this... 

If your new patient numbers are down, or if you’ve just “sensed” for a while you're not making as much money as you should be from inbound phone calls... then download your copy of this Free Report right now: 

Dental Phone Excellence

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